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Fast-developing laboratories

A new subsidiary is born: Théa Pharmaceuticals, Middle East!
The country specialises in trade, infrastructure and business services. It exports its services to other Gulf states. The health system is based on a network of public hospitals and free health care. This care is top quality, with world class hospital infrastructures. 
Théa Dubai’s new General Manager, Tarek ELDESOUKY, has been working with Théa for a several years as part of an on-site partnership with the company. He joined the Théa team, and has built up a staff of 6 people who are entirely devoted to the establishment of the laboratory’s ophthalmological products in the Middle East. This part of the world constitutes a new market for the Théa Laboratories.
This subsidiary will also be responsible for overseeing outreach of Théa into three countries: the United Arab Emirates, Saudi Arabia and Kuwait.
The inaugural evening took place on 16 December, 2016 attended by renowned physicians practising in the Gulf, including Lebanese, Egyptians, Syrians, and among them Dr Khalid F. Tabbara from Riyadh.

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