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100% preservative-free

Our expertise 100% preservative-free

A 100% dedicated to ophthalmology, Théa offers a wide range of preservative-free treatments which respect the integrity of the eye.  

Fondation Théa

Access to healthcare Fondation Théa

We have always admired the extraordinary force of character of our ancestor, Paul Chibret, a young military doctor and future ophthalmologist, who, in 1870, left his home town in France to relieve human suffering in Algeria, and more specifically fight against the disease trachoma.

140 years ago, Paul Chibret showed us the way. Today it is our duty and our joy to be able to pursue his fight. 

Théa careersBuilding and growing together

Théa’s human capital ensures its prosperity and constitutes its main strategic resource.

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Théa Worldwide

Théa has its own commercial and marketing structure in the main European countries:

France, Italy, Spain, Germany, Poland, Portugal, Belgium, Netherlands, Switzerland, the United Kingdom and Ireland

and in Northern Africa (Morocco) and in South America (Mexico),as well as an exclusive sales force in some countries distributors (Algeria, Tunisia) and distributors throughout the rest of the world.

Modern update of ocular and orbital Ultrasound

Théa Medical Library Modern update of ocular and orbital Ultrasound

OCT & Glaucoma

Théa Medical Library OCT & Glaucoma

The eye in history

Théa Medical Library The eye in history