Industrial Network

Théa’s treatments products are mainly produced in Europe, 70% of them in France. 

Industrial Network
To better support innovation, Théa identified production outsourcing as a strategic axis from the outset. 
Manufacturing, processing, and packaging are entrusted to the best French subcontractors, according to product type and galenic forms. This strategy gives our company flexibility and speed promptness while preserving a good profitability. 
Meanwhile, Théa maintains control over certain strategic technologies and detains its own factories like the factory in Farmila, Milan (Italy) and the Benac factory near La Rochelle (in Charente-Maritime).  
Théa respects high regulatory requirements and apply them internationally.  
Also, Théa gets the status of pharmaceutical company respecting the European Good Manufacturing Practices and has the certification ISO 13485. 

A highly strategic production
Bénac (France)

Settled in La Rochelle (in Charente Maritime), Bénac factory is specialized in the production of high technology ophthalmic inserts which deliver active substances during cataract surgery or for other ophthalmic diagnostics. This innovation has widely simplified pre-surgical mydriasis. This production requires know-how and highly specific skills to manufacture these ophthalmic inserts and export them to most of the European countries. 


A highly technologic factory
Farmila Théa (Italy)

Global pioneer in the field of preservative-free eye care products, Théa has built in the region of Milan (Italy) a modern factory to manufacture and pack Abak bottles (for preservative-free eye drops) and Steri-Free Tubes (for preservative-free gels).