Research & Innovation

Théa Open Innovation


Théa Open Innovation is a sister company of Laboratoires Théa.

Its aim is to identify, evaluate and support the most innovative developments in eye care, by implementing license agreements and/or capital investments with partners. Théa Open Innovation brings:

  • Its expertise in ophthalmology development and the necessary funding partners need to achieve proof of concept in humans
  • Ability to drive clinical development, registration, pricing, market access and commercialization.


Our mission

In addition of our funding to support the R&D phases to reach proof of concept in human, Théa offers the expertise and capabilities to develop and commercialize innovative therapeutic solutions in ophthalmology, in order to provide patients and healthcare professionals with tomorrow’s solutions. We work through alliance management. Our partners retain their expertise in house and remain leader of their project while they will benefit from Théa’s know-how in ophthalmology and funding. Small & medium-sized companies, startups, young innovative companies, researchers or academics can team up with Théa Open Innovation to offer tomorrow’s solutions to eye-care practitioners and their patients.


Our vision

Théa have several objectives:

  •  Innovation: to pursue research in order to develop innovative molecules and means of administration for eye care products, so strengthening Théa’s position as leader in the field of preservative-free eye drops, a domain in which the company was a groundbreaker
  • International: to expand and strengthen its presence in the world beyond Europe, where Théa already has a strong footing
  • Education: to support the sharing of knowledge, especially towards young ophthalmologists
  • Quality: to ensure that the values of hard work and quality are perpetuated, as it is on this sound basis that the reputation of the Chibret companies has been built over several generations

At Théa Open Innovaton, we believe that the future requires innovation, diversification, partnership and efficiency.