Growing together


Growing together

#THEAPPY, what is it?



Everone tells us that’s what we are!

We simply do not fit the classic ‘Big Pharma’ tropes. Jean-Frédéric and Henri Chibret, like all the executive team, are around us in person, day in day out, without fuss or pretention.



We share with our people.

We actively engage in fostering cultural, sporting and community life for our employees by proposing various events over the course of the year to help them grow and achieve fulfilment both professionally and as people.



It’s a hallmark of our DNA.

Ever since the outset, we have nurtured our founding ‘start-up’ mindset, equipping our people with the resources they need to keep on disrupting and keep on innovating!



You is who we are.

We are attentive to ensuring that each of us finds their place but is also free to create their own.



Make it possible

We strive for excellence with strongly-engaged employees.

You might not know our sector, you might not be ophthalmology expert, you might even have little or no professional experience.Well that’s just fine with us. We look for talents from all kinds of backgrounds, because we believe in multicultural and multidisciplinary teamwork.

Ready to make your next career move?


Never stop learning

Continued learning is in our nature. It starts with an onboarding process devised and pieced together by Claire, Valentine and Camille. You’ll love it!

But what happens next? Well, it continues on throughout your whole career with us, as we delivered tailored career pathing support.

Ready to forge your own path? 


Let's open our eyes

Sticking safely to the old comfort-zone codes is not what we are about!

We are about equipping our people—whatever their position—with the resources they need to push the boundaries are chart new paths. We have a whole portfolio of cross-business development projects that are built to enable all our teams to successfully engage for the benefit of the community.

Ready to unleash your creativeness?