Our strengths

The key to Théa’s growth is a combination of scientific, technical, regulatory and commercial expertise, unique in the world of ophthalmology.

Our strengths

Our speciality: ophthalmology.

The Chibret family has dedicated itself to ophthalmology for several generations. Henri and Jean-Frédéric Chibret, executive shareholders, are in permanent contact with ophthalmologists all over the world.

So, Théa is a combination of know-how and techniques that constitutes its intangible living capital. Today, as yesterday, Théa is turned towards the future.


A strategy based on expertise
Present in all areas of ophthalmology

Whereas many pharmaceutical companies follow a blockbuster strategy, focusing on a few molecules, a few diseases and a few drug products, Théa’s aim is to meet the full needs of all ophthalmologists by covering all the therapeutic classes from allergy to glaucoma, across dry-eye, antibiotherapy, anti-inflammatories, etc.


Our absolute priority

Innovation is a permanent state of mind. Théa is constantly looking for solutions: to develop approaches for diseases for which there are currently no treatments or to better existing treatments by improving efficacy and observance, by simplifying an existing procedure or making it safer, by reducing side effects.
Théa has been a pioneer in several therapeutic areas, with preservative-free products a constant priority.


Family spirit

The family spirit of Théa is at the source of its dynamism and success:

■ Flexible, responsive, adaptable. Théa welcomes boldness in strategy, research and innovation.
■ Independent. Théa is able to focus on long-term strategies rather than the next quarter results. Our laboratory is free from stock market constraints and we pay particular attention to maintaining high levels of investment. We make fast but careful decisions. 
Human. Théa’s performance is based on an implicit social contract which guarantees stability and a quality of life at work for all our staff. 


Internal and external growth
A winning strategy

Since its creation, the Théa group has continually expanded its activities, through a wise combination of internal growth (new countries and new products) and acquisitions.
The group is now the number one player in the European eye care prescription market, and the leader in many therapeutic areas.


Our commitments
Societal responsability

Théa is an independent pharmaceutical company with deep European roots and international ambition, aware of the stakes of sustainable development.

Protecting vision and sharing knowledge worldwide is our mission - innovation is in our DNA.

Théa acts to give each generation the opportunity to open their eyes to a sustainable world.

We are committed to 3 pillars:

  • Develop, apply and promote responsible practices at every stage of the lifecycle of our products, for the benefit of both patients and healthcare professionals
  • Promote the fulfillment of our employees around the world
  • Contribute to the societal and economic development of our ecosystem and to the preservation of natural resources wherever Théa is present.