Innovations by Théa

Innovations by Théa

In fewer than twenty years, under the leadership of Henri CHIBRET, Laboratoires Théa has achieved renown by greatly increasing innovations in all the therapeutic classes

1995 > Broad spectrum anti-allergic for treatment of allergy and associated inflammation. Preservative-free.
1996 > The 1st anti-herpetic gel.
1999 > The 1st fluid gel for dry eye treatment.
2002 > The reference in eye nutrition.
2005 > The 1st non-preserved hyaluronic acid in multi-dose bottle.
2007 > Preservative-free diclofenac eye drops.
2008 > The 1st low-dosed timolol gel with no quantifiable systemic adsorption.
2009 > The first 3-day ocular antibiotic.
2010 > Moist heat therapy for the management of MGD.
2011 > The 1st preservative-free multi-action anti-allergic in a bottle.
2011 > Effective and stable mydriasis in only one step.
2012 > The 1st and only intracameral antibiotic for prophylaxis of endophthalmitis in cataract surgery.
2013 > The 1st latanoprost with 0% preservative, combining efficacy and tolerance.
2013 > The combination of hyaluronic acid and trehalose: lubricates, protects and regenerates.
2013 > The preservative-free revolution in eyelid hygiene.
2014 > The matrix therapy for corneal regeneration.