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Dry Eye Portfolio and Théa Innovation

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Théa is the first independent European group in the area of ophthalmology. With its global network of thirty-five subsidiaries, the company distributes its products to more than seventy-five countries around the world. Fully dedicated to ophthalmology, Théa is the strength of a pharmaceutical company that masters all the expertise in ophthalmology with innovative products in all therapeutic classes like dry eye.

The leading European ophthalmology pharmaceutical company is the first to offer an innovative hyaluronic acid treatment for the management of dry eye. Known as HYABAK®, it is a first-generation eye drop with lubricating and moisturising properties, revolutionising the management of dry eye since the early 2000s.

In the same vein, since 2011 Théa has offered the first ophthalmic formulation combining hyaluronic acid and trehalose under the names THEALOZ® DUO, the eye drops, and THEALOZ® DUO Gel, the ophthalmic gel. This combination, the first of its kind in the management of dry eye, has revolutionised the therapeutic strategy thanks to the combination of the bioprotective and osmoprotective properties of trehalosis and the lubricating properties of hyaluronic acid for optimal management of dry eye.

Always striving to provide patients and healthcare professionals with innovative dry eye treatments, Théa now offers a brand new product called THEALIPID®. It is a combination of naturally occurring lipids including soy phospholipids and triglycerides. This innovative treatment is indicated for the management of evaporative dry eye disease related to rapid evaporation of tears and/or meibomian gland dysfunction.

With these treatments already available, and the many innovative formulations in its pipeline currently undergoing clinical study, Théa intends to cover all the therapeutic needs of healthcare professionals in the management of dry eye disease.

The rich dry eye portfolio of Théa has become more distinguished in the market thanks to the groundbreaking concept of preservative-free that Théa, as the market leader, has pioneered since 1995. Indeed, the ABAK® vial was actually developed by Théa, the first of its kind on the ophthalmology market, eliminating the use of any preservatives in its formulations. Patients are thus protected from ocular damage caused by preservatives such as benzalkonium chloride, often used in the formulation of ophthalmic treatments.

Through this portfolio of dry eye products, innovative treatments and a commitment to preservative-free, Théa remains a unique partner in ophthalmology.