With Jean-Fréderic at the helm, Laboratoires Théa has pursued its rapid expansion, attaining a stronger presence in Europe than the former Laboratoires Chibret and becoming a key player in the field of European ophthalmology (whilst distributing their products in over 65 countries worldwide).

Moreover, Théa's territorial growth has been combined with a significant expansion of its product range. Jean-Frédréric's wish is to be able to offer a complete range of products to all ophthalmologists, in the areas of diagnosis, surgery and therapeutic treatments. Théa's commitment to in-house research and monitoring of technological developments, combined with its targeted acquisition strategy are means to the same goal: the fulfilment of all ophthalmologists' needs, whatever their mode of practice.

So, with Théa, family companies have once again shown that they are well equipped to meet today's challenges: a patient but particularly successful type of capitalism that puts people and long term development at the heart of its business.

More than ever, the future of Laboratoires Théa is based on the company's sound economic health and innovative development, but also on the family's capacity and desire to pursue its industrial route.


As chairman since 2008 of Laboratoires Théa, Jean-Frédéric Chibret is now the successor to Henri Chibret (who remains at the head of Théa Holding and now focuses on the scientific and financial strategy of the group). Following a business education and a two-year apprenticeship in the Spanish subsidiary (2000-2001), Jean-Frédéric has been involved in international activities that he gradually guided and structured by creating new subsidiaries in Germany, the UK, Ireland, Poland and Greece and by launching an exclusive sales network in Africa and the Maghreb. 
In 2009, Jean-Frédéric presided over the acquisition of several products in the Novartis ophthalmic range, which opened the door to Théa in many countries such as Russia.

Date de naissance: 
(Born in 1975)