Launch of a new association of anti-glaucoma active ingredients in a preservative-free bottle

Innovation in the area of preservative-free eye drops is one of the most important interests of Théa’s research and development. With this new preservative-free association of anti-glaucoma active ingredients in the EasyGrip® technology preservative-free bottle, Théa presents a totally new multi dose device.

Théa Pharma Germany presented the new Théa preservative-free association of two anti-glaucoma active ingredients at the DOG congress in Düsseldorf in March 2016.

This product is distributed in a dispenser using EasyGrip® technology.

This new preservative-free multi dose device is an alternative to single dose units. The great advantage, especially for older patients, is the more convenient handling of the bottle. Many ophthalmologists came to the Théa booth to test the handling of the new device and to get further information about the product.

The future belongs to preservative-free eye drops!

This is what the ophthalmologists tell us and this is what we, as a company, believe in and where we focus our efforts to keep on improving the treatment options for the patients.

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