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“Les Chibret, une saga auvergnate (1875-2015)” published by JC. Lattès

A book by Lorraine Kaltenbach and Henri Chibret

Book "Les Chibret, une saga auvergnate (1875-2015)"This saga, which is set against the stunning backdrop of the French city of Clermont Ferrand, depicts the long history of the Chibret family from the French revolution up to modern day. Including stories surrounding ophthalmic ointments used by the Prince of Metternich, leeches placed behind the ears, the first ophthalmic lasers, passing by the antibiotic revolution, followed by that of the “preservative free” eye drops; this work retraces the birth and the evolution of a discipline and it’s pharmacopoeia. It also follows the lives of the men and women involved in this tale, and the problems they were confronted with personally during not only two world wars, but also the construction of Europe and the company’s globalisation.

Concocted by Lorraine Kaltenbach, under the baton of Mr Henri Chibret, founder of Théa, the book was published this year by the French publishing house, JC. Lattes who are renowned for releasing works for many well-known authors such as Luc Montagnier, John Grisham, Dan Brown and even Nobel Prize winner Muhammad Yunus. This book combines stunningly the ability to teach not only patients but contemporary practitioners as well all about the origins of this noble profession and the story behind these medicines that are now prescribed throughout the world daily.