A new brochure on 25 years of Preservative-free eye drops use to cure while preserving eye’s capital

Preservative-free is the DNA of Laboratoires Thea and is part of its history. Increase the awareness of the ophthalmologists to the importance of Preservative-free eye drops remains a priority with one goal: 0% Preservatives

It’s now proven that preservatives play a crucial role in the most side effects induced by preserved medications, especially in chronic diseases such as glaucoma or dry eye.

These past years have raised awareness and led to the following conclusion, based on a large amount of scientific evidence following the “evidence based medicine” concept: we should reduce the quantity of preservatives used in eye drops, or even eliminate them completely

That’s why Ophthalmology has entered in a new era creating “a preservative-free generation of patients”.

So with this new brochure, 25 years after the first one, Laboratoires Théa has highlighted the latest findings and advances on the subject of 0% Preservatives, in collaboration with Professor Christophe Baudouin, Head of Department at the National XV-XX Eye Hospital in Paris, who was a pioneer to establish the link between the use of preservatives and ocular side effects.

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