The THEA Laboratories are expanding their portfolio to include the retina owing to a licence option on an antibody in the treatment of humid AMD, and other retina vascular pathologies: ELB011.
ELB011, the new therapeutic antibody developed by “ELSALYS BIOTECH” represents, potentially, the future of the war against blindness.  
For Théa, which is already offering a wide range of products in the area of prevention and treatment of pathologies of the anterior segment of the eye, this “entry” into R&D of the retina (posterior segment), is aimed at consolidating its position as one of the European market leaders in ophthalmology.
A challenge
With the increase in life expectancy, a large number of people aged over 50 are experiencing visual difficulties, which sometimes lead to blindness. Currently, the main treatment of these pathologies consists of frequent and painful, intraocular injections of antioangiogenic medicines known as anti-VEGF drugs. Although they manage to stop the progression of the disease in three out of four cases, they only improve the patient’s vision in one out of three cases. Their effectiveness is often temporary, and the patients may become resistant to treatment.  
A response
ELB011 is an antibody which has an innovative and potentially synergistic mechanism of action with the anti-VEGF drugs. It is of a nature to block angiogenesis in pathological conditions, whilst saving the mature vessels and thus reducing any toxic effects of a treatment. The importance of this strategy has just been confirmed in a study on a preclinical model which has demonstrated that the ELB011 injection decreases the number of lesions, and accelerates their healing. Time will tell whether its development as a monotherapy or in combination with the anti-VEGFs is preferable.  
A partnership
ELSALYS BIOTECH will be responsible for the first stages of preclinical development, in particular, the production of batches for the toxicology study and the clinical trial. THEA will take over the complete clinical development and the marketing [1]. 
Learn more about ELSALYS BIOTECH
ELSALYS BIOTECH is an immune-oncology company from Lyon, which positions itself as the link between academic research and the pharmaceutical industry for the selection of new antibodies with the best profile possible according to the therapeutic target.   It aims to offer new options to patients who have reached a therapeutic impasse. Founded in 2013, ELSALYS BIOTECH is situated at the heart of the European LYON BIOPÔLE cluster. Its founding shareholders are TRANSGENE and SOFIMAC PARTNERS, joined in 2015 by INSTITUT MÉRIEUX EUROPE and CRÉDIT AGRICOLE CRÉATION.