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Partnership signed with Link Biologics



[Press release]

We are pleased to inform you that Théa Open Innovation has just signed a partnership agreement with Link Biologics to develop Link_TSG6 for dry eyes. 

Link_TSG6 is a biological drug based on the human TSG-6 protein, which plays an intrinsic role in protecting tissues against inflammatory damage. Link_TSG6 has been shown to have potent disease-modifying properties in various preclinical models, including models of dry eye disease.

Théa Open Innovation, Link Biologics will be responsible for all dry eye research and development through to the completion of Phase 2 trials, with Théa then taking over responsibilities, including commercialization.

Jean-Frédéric Chibret, President of Groupe Théa, added: "This collaboration illustrates Théa's commitment to providing therapeutic solutions for dry eye conditions, addressing an important unmet medical need. We are delighted to partner with Link Biologics, an innovative company led by an expert founding team, which is presenting a biologic drug that we consider to be very promising. This partnership is in line with our mission to provide cutting-edge ophthalmic solutions to eye care specialists and patients alike."

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