Symptoms of chalazion

What are the symptoms of chalazion ?
Diagnosing a chalazion
Anyone can have a chalazion, but they occur more frequently in children.  
The chalazion initially appears as a red, hot and painful eyelid swelling.  
Any inflammation of the eyes or eyelids should warrant a medical consultation to confirm the diagnosis.  
The chalazion often starts with an isolated pain located in the eyelid. Then in the space of a day or two a small, round, red, hot and painful mass appears in the eyelid. This small ball can be visible outside the eyelid, but it can also be located on the inside of the lid: in this case, from the outside, the eyelid is red and swollen and the ball can only be felt through palpation, and can only be seen by everting the eyelid.  `
The causes of chalazion are various. Also, it exists different ways to treat chalazion.