Symptoms of dry eye

What are the symptoms of dry eye?


Diagnosing dry eye


The symptoms of dry eye are not specific and may also be encountered during allergies or eye infections... Only an ophthalmologist can make the diagnosis of dry eye using specific tests to assess the quantity and quality of tears.  
The symptoms of dry eye can be:  
  • Sensations of burning, tingling, a grain of sand in the eye, itching, or ocular pain, difficulty in opening eyes in the morning
  • Visual discomfort, blurred vision, fluctuating vision over time and eyestrain: this can result in difficulties reading or watching television, or driving, especially at night
  • More frequent eye blinking
  • Tearing which, paradoxically, may be excessive, or the opposite of sticky tears 
  • Red eyes, and sometimes eyelids
  • Sensitivity to light
  • Difficulties tolerating your contact lenses if you wear them




What are the potential complications of dry eye?
Poor quality or insufficient tear film causes chronic inflammation of the ocular surface, which worsens over time in the absence of treatment, with increasing and troublesome irritation and sometimes accidental tearing. This can translate into everyday life with discomfort or even pain when wearing contact lenses or when applying makeup, driving, reading, watching TV or working with screens... 
Finally, the ocular surface can be damaged, particularly where the cornea is concerned, ranging from slight abrasions to complications such as ulcers. In addition, the poorly protected and more sensitive ocular surface can become infected.
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