Symptoms of Stye

What are the symptoms of Stye?

Diagnosing a stye

Very easy to recognize, the stye is located on the inner edge or outside of the eyelid and owes its name to the Old English word ‘sty’ meaning ‘rising’ + eye, therefore stye. 
The infected area is usually red, swollen and painful, then a yellowish pus tip appears in the centre of the stye. It generally bursts after a few days with a release of pus allowing the stye to then heal spontaneously. If in doubt, a simple visit to a general practitioner will be sufficient to diagnose and treat the stye. 


What are the symptoms of a stye?

Several symptoms may be warning of the appearance of a stye: 
- An intense pain in the eyelid, at the root of the eyelashes.  
- Then a small red swelling centred on the base of an eyelash appears, which can sometimes hinder view and make the eye weep or cause irritation or the sensation of a grain of sand.
- Sensitivity to light or a desire to scratch can also be felt.  
- A small white pocket of pus then occurs at the centre of the swelling. After a few days (a week) this white pocket empties, relieving pain and allowing the stye to heal spontaneously. 


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