Théa and Europe

Throwback to Théa's European construction

One of the world’s largest spaces of shared prosperity and solidarity was born when the Treaty of Rome was signed more than 60 years ago. Nevertheless, in the field of medicine, the founding fathers’ intent to create a space for the free movement of persons and goods has long been wishful thinking. Article 36 of the Treaty grants states the “right to regulate the importation of certain goods for the purpose of protecting public health", a phrase that has long been used by each country for protectionist purposes. Moreover, international legislation, which was very permissive on the issue of drug patentability, helped facilitate duplication and counterfeiting to the detriment of intra-Community trade.

The advent of a unified “pharmaceutical Europe” has been a slow process. It required the harmonisation of legislation, which intensified in the 1980s, just as the European Economic Community (EEC) was expanding from six to fifteen states. In hindsight, it would appear that a unified “pharmaceutical Europe” was born just after Théa’s creation, with the London launch of the European Medicines Evaluation Agency (EMEA) on 26 January 1995. Simplified Community procedures for European marketing authorisations were instituted: the wait time was set at 18 months, with procedures running simultaneously in all EU member states—prior to this, pharmaceutical companies had to file in each member state, sometimes waiting for a given state’s answer for up to 5 years.

Since its creation in 1994, Théa considered to have a global projection.

The Auvergnat group has immediately desired to open its own establishments in Europe. In 20 years, Théa has reinforced its presence on the “Old continent”, a presence projected to be consolidated and developed in terms of growth and subsidiaries. What is the next step? This expansion has spread to neighbouring regions. As we know, Europe and Maghreb are very close regions.Finally, for 5 years, Théa is looking far beyond. The group is settled at the continent’s borders but also far beyond in the Middle East, Mexico, Chili, and in Canada.

Théa is looking further: since 2019, date of the 25th birthday of the Group, Théa has made its first steps in the World’s leading economic power: The United States.

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