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Théa Education and Partnership with Learned Societies in Dry Eye

Knowledge Sharing

The focus is not only on innovation at Théa. Education and knowledge sharing have always been a tradition for the Chibret family. Théa supports many educational projects and activities.

Because the practice of medicine is constantly evolving, Théa supports European and international excellence training that prepares young practitioners to apply the latest medical knowledge to prevent and treat eye diseases. It is in this personal capacity that Théa has organised the Ocular Surface MasterClass (OSMC) every year since 2019. This event brings together more than one hundred global dry eye experts to present and practice the latest advances in treatment and diagnosis. The Ocular Surface MasterClass receives support from important scientific associations such as EuCORNEA (European Society of Cornea and Ocular Surface Disease Specialists) and EuDES (European Dry Eye Society). The EuCORNEA is a European congress with the thirteenth edition taking place in June this year to train corneal and ocular surface specialists on new diagnostic and treatment techniques, including corneal surgery. The EuDES is one of the few congresses fully dedicated to dry eye that aims to expand knowledge in this area, both on new diagnostic techniques and on patient management. The second edition was held in June this year.

Théa has also renewed a partnership with the TFOS (Tear Film and Ocular Surface Society), an international group of more than one hundred and fifty clinical and fundamental research experts, responsible for the famous "TFOS DEWS II" report published in 2017, the purpose of which was to reach global consensus on many aspects of dry eye.

Through these partnerships, Théa strengthens its commitment to educating healthcare professionals and continuously improving good clinical practices in the ophthalmology sector.

Because it is the new generations that will contribute to tomorrow's scientific progress, Théa rewards the initiative, creativity and imagination of young eye care researchers and contributes to the dissemination of their work within the international scientific community. Through international competitions such as Trophy (Théa euRopean cOntest of clinical cases in PatHologies of the eYe), Théa encourages residents and clinic managers in ophthalmology to play an active role in their discipline by sharing the results of their clinical cases and their experience. In this same vein, the specialist ophthalmic pharmaceutical company collaborates with organisations such as E.B.O (European Board of Ophthalmology), Young Ophthalmologists, EVER (European Association for Vision and Eye Research), the Eye Retina Meeting and many universities to carry out new training, global mobility and research projects to prepare for future generations of professionals and keeping innovation in the ophthalmology sector prosperous.