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Théa will have a brand new production site in La Rochelle



Théa has announced plans to invest €10 million for a new flagship production facility in La Rochelle, and further on-site expansion is projected.

Théa will have a brand-new manufacturing facility up and running in La Rochelle within three years. 

The foundation stone was laid on Thursday 29 June, with delivery of the new facility scheduled for 2024, after which ANSM, the French medicines and healthcare products regulatory agency, will run all the requisite tests, checks and audits ready for go-live production in 2026.

The project is part of the group’s strategy to replace its existing unit called ‘Bénac’, which employs 13 people operating premises on lease in nearby Périgny. The new facility, in La Rochelle’s Technocéan business park, will have 1,700m² to work with (marking a big step up from the ≈500m² available today), as the build project is designed to accommodate future expansion.

For Théa, this new unit represents a 10-million-euro investment. It will continue to manufacture an ocular insert used with cataract surgery: a sterile micro-capsule to dilate the pupil ready for surgery.

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