Treat a blepharitis

How to treat a blepharitis ?


How to react in the case of blepharitis ?
  • If you have blepharitis for the first time, you should quickly consult an ophthalmologist in order to establish the cause of your blepharitis and to treat it appropriately. 
  • If you have blepharitis repeatedly, upon the first symptoms, apply warm compresses to your closed eyes for about 5 to 10 minutes
  • Do a massage and clean the eyelids using products that are not irritating to the eye and to the very fine skin of the eyelids: impregnated Blephaclean® wipes (medical device) or Blephagel® (cosmetic product) sterile gel.
  • For an effective eyelid massage, ask your eye specialist for a demonstration.
Blepharitis can be accompanied by dry eye: it is important in the case of blepharitis to protect the surface of the eye with lubricating and moisturizing eye drops, for example Thealose® (medical device). If these first steps are not sufficient, consult an ophthalmologist.
Who to consult when you have blepharitis ?

In case of inflammation affecting the eye or eyelids, ophthalmologists have the equipment that will determine the cause of blepharitis. They will then be able to prescribe the most appropriate treatment, depending on the cause of blepharitis.  

What are the precautions to take ?
Blepharitis tends to recur. People subject to blepharitis must pay special attention to their eyelid hygiene, in order to prevent the growth of bacteria and to improve the functioning of the Meibomian glands. These tiny glands present in the layers of the eyelids produce lipids (fat) that form the meibum. The meibum is expelled from the gland by a small channel leading to the edge of the eyelids. It mixes with tears to lubricate the surface of the eye. In the case of blepharitis, the meibum is often thickened and blocks the opening of glands.



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