Treat a Chalazion

How to treat a Chalazion?

Some precautions should be taken

Some people are particularly prone to chalazions which then tend to re-occur. 
In this case, to prevent recurrences, it is recommended to take daily care of the eyelids: by heating the eyelids with a warm wet compress for 5 minutes or through use of the heated BLEPHASTEAM®  (medical device) glasses followed by eyelid massage, with a gel or an impregnated wipe intended for this use BLEPHAGEL®, (cosmetic product), BLEPHACLEAN® (medical device) .
If the chalazion is related to a chronic disease (rosacea, dry eye , …), it is also useful to use hydrating and lubrifying eye drops to reduce the inflammation of the ocular surface for example, THEALOSE® (medical device) .


What should I do if I have a chalazion?

The treatment of the chalazion requires softening and emptying the secretions of the inflamed gland, through eye care practiced twice a day: heating the eyelid using a wet and warm compress for 5 minutes or, better yet, use of BLEPHASTEAM®  (medical device) heated glasses followed by massage of the closed eyelid   , with a gel or an impregnated wipe intended for this use (BLEPHAGEL®, (cosmetic product), BLEPHACLEAN® (medical device) . You should also consult a health professional, who will add an antibiotic and steroid ointment to your eyelid care routine for 10 days.   





Who should I consult for a chalazion?

If you have a chalazion for the first time, it is best to have the diagnosis confirmed by a practitioner or by an ophthalmologist. In addition, only a doctor may prescribe the proper treatment. At the cyst stage, it is necessary to remove it surgically – this intervention is carried out under local anaesthetic in a few minutes by an ophthalmologist. All recurrent chalazions require an ophthalmology consultation to search for the cause. 

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