Treat a stye

How to treat a stye?


What to do if you have a stye?
The causes of a stye are various. However, in the case of a stye, you need:
  • To clean the affected area, for example with a cotton swab soaked in a cosmetic gel cleanser product such as BLEPHAGEL® or impregnated wipes for eyelid hygiene (BLEPHACLEAN® CE marking).
  • To apply clean and hot wipes to facilitate the evacuation of the pus and relieve pain. The eyelid is then massaged at the base of the eyelashes using the same wipe.
  • In the case of an external stye, when it pierces usually after a week, the pus and scabs that form must be removed with these products enumerated above. Avoid scratching and wash your hands before and after touching the infected eye. 
  • In the case of an internal stye, it is better to consult with your doctor immediately.


What are the potential complications?
If after a week, the symptoms are still the same and the pus is still present despite using compresses, do not attempt to burst it yourself as you risk a more serious infection. Consult your doctor, who will prescribe the correct treatment.
In rare cases, the stye does not empty spontaneously and it may be necessary to have it incised by an ophthalmologist under local anaesthesia in order to drain the pus and allow healing.  
In order to limit the risk of recurrence, daily hygiene of the eyelids using suitable products (like the ones enumerated above) will promote the elimination of any bacteria.
Which precautions should be taken?

If you tend to have styes repeatedly, you should:

  • Have impeccable hand and eyelid hygiene
  • Avoid rubbing your eyes
  • Keep your hands clean by washing them regularly 
  • Remove eye makeup carefully
  • Clean your eyelids daily with suitable products such as the ones enumerated above
It is also advisable to consult your doctor for a check up, to ensure that you do not have a disease which favours infection.
He/she will also tell you the steps to take to prevent recurrences. 
Also, Daily hygiene of the eyelids using suitable products will limit the risk of recurrence: warm compresses applied for 5 minutes on a closed eye followed by eyelid massage.
If you suffer from associated dry eye, the daily use of lubricating, moisturizing and protective eye drops such as THEALOZ® (CE marking) will help to relieve the symptoms.



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How to treat a stye?



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