Relieve allergy


How to relieve myself in case of ocular allergic reaction?

It is preferable to be assisted by your general practitioner or an ophthalmologist, so he can prescribe the adequate treatment. Allergy tests and check-ups with an allergist can be necessary. Under some circumstances, he will be able to suggest desensitization treatments which will slowly lower the symptoms.


It is crucial to identify the cause of the allergic reaction in order to limit contact with the causal agent.


Start with eye washing with compress, moistened with warm water or our BLEPHAGEL® cleansing gel (cosmetic product). You can also use BLEPHACLEAN® ophthalmic wipes adapted to eyelids cleaning (medical advice).


In order to face indoor allergen, you should prefer anti-dust and mites bedding. Avoid carpets, rugs, wool blankets. Clean regularly. Open the doors and windows every day for 15 minutes to ventilate the rooms. Dehumidify the house.  


In case of conjunctivitis or other eye diseases like keratoconjunctivitis, a local treatment must be added to the daily hygiene with preservative-free eye drops.


Several medical devices, offered by Les Laboratoires Théa, can relieve and resolve allergic symptoms. Some histaminic eyedrops or mast cell degranulation products.


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