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 To consolidate its presence on the front of research and innovation, Théa participates in all national and international congresses and meetings dedicated to ophthalmology and opted to partner many subspecialty meetings.

Congresses, conferences, product launches, scientific innovation, innovation, new offices, Théa is always on the move.



STARS: 13 risks factors to identify patients at risk of AMD

STARS: 13 risks factors to identify patients at risk of AMDA new simple and fast questionnaire has been developed by Laboratoires Théa in order to assess early AMD risk... Read more


Ophthalmic surgical world
How to generate fast dilation?

Thanks to many years of experience and intense research, Théa has found a new way to generate faster and stable dilation. Taking the opportunity of the ESCRS international congress, Théa shared this innovation with several thousand ophthalmologists coming from all over Europe... Read more


A new book on how to manage chronic corneal ulcers.
« Chronic Corneal Ulcers »

« Chronic Corneal Ulcers » European ophthalmological professors have joined together in order to present an all-encompassing book on the complicated topic of Chronic Corneal Ulcers. This book is aimed at ophthalmologists in order to improve cornea care... Read more


« Les Chibret, une saga auvergnate (1875-2015) »

Book "Les Chibret, une saga auvergnate (1875-2015)"Written by Lorraine Kaltenbach under the direction of Henri Chibret, this saga relates the history of the Chibret’s family since the French revolution up until today; but above all the close relationship that family members have always maintained with ophthalmological workers... Read more


Fifteen years of innovation
15th anniversary of Théa PHARMA, Switzerland


Team Thea PHARMA SWITZERLANDFounded in 2001, Théa PHARMA Switzerland began their journey with only 2 products. Today their range of both innovative and well-known products covers almost every ophthalmological therapeutic class... Read more


Théa, partner of the Young Ophthalmologists

The second edition of the European Meeting of Young Ophthalmologists took place in June in Oviedo, Spain. Laboratoires Théa, represented by Jean-Frédéric Chibret, the President of the company, was the main partner and sponsor of the event... Read more


Innovation by Théa
A new era in mydriasis

Théa is very keen on innovating in all therapeutic areas in ophthalmology, including cataract surgery.  

To develop its new product indicated in the mydriasis (pupil dilation) for patients undergoing cataract surgery, Théa set up clinical studies to demonstrate the efficacy and the safety of the product... Read more



Théa worldwide
Official opening of the Théa office in Ukraine

After Mexico in 2014, Morocco and Russie in 2015, it is now in Ukraine that Théa has opened their latest new representative office. The Ambassador of France in Ukraine, Isabelle Dumont, Prof. Vitovska, the Head of Ukrainian ophthalmologists and Jean-Frédéric Chibret, President of Théa, were present for this event... Read more


Théa worldwide
15th anniversary of Théa Pharma Belgium

The Théa story in Belgium started in 2000 when Théa accepted the challenge to break new ground in preservative-free eye care in Benelux.
... Read more


Developing international mobility

Supporting the integration and mobility of employees across the Group is Théa’s aspiration to ensure the career development of each individual...Read more


Preservative free
A new brochure on 25 years of Preservative-free eye drops

Preservative-free is in the DNA of Laboratoires Théa and is part of its history. Increase the awareness of the ophthalmologists to the importance of Preservative-free eye drops remains a priority with one goal: 0% Preservatives...Read more


Glaucoma treatment
a new association of anti-glaucoma active ingredients in a preservative-free bottle

Innovation in the area of preservative-free eye drops is one of the most important interests of Théa’s research and development.

Théa Pharma Germany presented the new Théa preservative-free association of two anti-glaucoma active ingredients at the DOG congress in Düsseldorf in March 2016. This product is distributed in a multidose bottle using EasyGrip® technology.

.. Read more